10 Gender Neutral Pregnancy Announcements


Are you pregnant but holding off on finding out the gender of your baby? There’s no greater surprise than finding out the gender of your baby when you first lay eyes on your little one!

However, how can you share your exciting news without revealing the gender? Here are 10 creative ideas for a gender neutral baby announcement.

  1. Ultrasound Pic:You can’t go wrong with posting a classic ultrasound image to reveal your pregnancy! What you’ll need: your ultrasound picture plus two drawings of a boy and girl image. Easy, peasy!
  2. Positive Pregnancy Test: Everyone keeps their pregnancy tests, right?! What better way to share your pregnancy announcement with your friends and family than posting a picture (or showing them) a positive pregnancy test! What you’ll need – your positive pregnancy test with a note featuring both pink AND blue on it.
  3. Three Peas in a Pod: Head to the kitchen and take a picture of a bowl or plate of peas. For the caption, try something like: “We’re adding another pea to our pod!” This ideas is both simple and creative.
  4. Donuts: Sharing your news with a crowd? Bring a box of donuts for your group, post your ultrasound image on the box, and write: “Eat up! Mama can’t be the only one with a belly!” We thought this idea was fun if you’re sharing your news with co-workers or family. What you’ll need: a box of assorted donuts.
  5. Eggo my Lego: Breakfast anyone? Grab a box of Eggo waffles and print out the letters “P” and “R”. We think you know where we’re going with this: PR..Eggo. What you’ll need: an Eggo waffle and letters “P” and “R.”
  6. Cookies: Love to bake? Share an adorable presentation of an edible announcement with a group of friends and family. What you’ll need: I, M, P, R, E, G, N, A, N, T cookie cutters, heart-shaped cookie cutters, cookies, pink and blue frosting.
  7. Poem: Tap into your poetic side by writing this poem for a neutralla baby announcement: “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Two little eyes, one little nose. Boy or girl? Nobody knows!” What you’ll need: write this phrase on a card with blue and pink lettering.
  8. Bzzzz: Looking to announce your pregnancy with a bumblebee theme? This one’s for you. Print out a pic of a bee or grab a card. Write: “She or he, what will it bee?” What you’ll need: a card or printout of a bee.
  9. Belly Pic:Once your belly has popped, share a picture of your pretty belly with two ribbons (both pink and blue) tied around it. What you’ll need: a pink and blue ribbon and someone to take your picture. Be sure your caption alludes to your gender neutral pregnancy announcement…otherwise, friends and family might think you’re having twins!
  10. Extra Pair of Shoes: Not feeling photogenic? Or perhaps you just want to get extra creative? Take a picture of you and your partner’s shoes and add an extra pair of baby shoes to the mix. What you’ll need – someone to take a picture of you and your significant other’s feet, plus an extra pair of baby shoes.

The great thing about pregnancy announcements is that the sky’ is the limit. Feel free to get as creative as you want as you announce this momentous life event to your friends and family!

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