10 Home Office Setup Must-Haves


Since the pandemic started in 2020, the popularity of working from home has risen and it looks like it’s set to stay. Home offices are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity but it’s hard to know where to begin when setting your home office space up. There’s no need to fret, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Check out our list of home office setup essentials below so you can deck out an area of your home and work as efficiently as possible. 

Necessities For Your Perfect Home Office Setup

Having worked from home in a small space for over 10 years now, I can tell just what you need for your best productivity levels. Remote workers may miss the corner coffee shop, but it just may be the best thing when you realize you no longer have to commute! Here is what you need to get your ideal home office setup.

Dedicated Work Environment

Many of us who work from home don’t have the luxury of a whole small room to use as a home office. That is totally fine but do try to carve a space that is just for your work. Even it if is just a corner of the living room or a walk-in closet, it is a good idea to make it a work only area. This dedicated space helps keep things organized. It also helps you enter work mode and exit work mode when you are done.

Tech Accessories

A laptop or desktop computer is a given for any professional home office designs. In addition, don’t forget all of the accessories to go with it. A printer, scanner, and label machine are all indispensable items that will mean you can work from home as if you’re in your actual corporate offices. Make sure you have enough power sockets to keep all of your machinery running or pick up a couple of power surge protector strips that will ensure you can keep your tech in good working order. 

home office setup
Home Office Setup With GrooveMade desk stands

A Spacious Desk

You may have all of your technology but you’ll need desk space to put it on. Choose a home office desk that best fits your real estate constraints while making sure that you have enough surface area to add your stuff and still be able to take notes and place your coffee mug! If you hate being sat down all day it’s worth looking into an adjustable standing desk so that you can stand and work for a portion of your working hours. If you have a small desk, a laptop stand may be a great option to complete your desk set up.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Being on your butt for long hours is no good for your health but if your job means you have to be chained to a desk, do it in comfort! It’s worth investing a little cash into a high-quality ergonomic chair that will look after your back and will keep you from doing any damage to your spine. Pick a perch that offers excellent lumbar support and has arms so that you have something to lean on. An ergonomic desk chair is a great way to eliminate discomfort so that you are able to focus on your work.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While a room divider will help define your work area, it won’t keep out the background noise. It’s not easy to work if you have a noisy house firing on all cylinders in the background once the kids are home from school. A decent pair of noise-canceling headphones will help drown out any loud home life sounds and let you concentrate on the tasks at hand. It is essential to a home setup for anyone who does not live alone.

Functional home office setups
Home Office by Collov Home Design 

Good Lighting

Functional home office setups require good lighting. Working in the dark will increase eye strain and can give you a headache. Save the squinting by adding adequate, proper lighting to your room to counteract the harsh lighting of your bright screen. Natural lighting is fantastic but if you don’t have it, no sweat. Add a good light source such as a powerful desk lamp and/or floor lamp. Avoiding the dark will also keep you feeling awake and motivated.

Office Supplies

This one is pretty obvious but you need to have your basic office supplies handy and in stock. Always keep extra paper on hand so you don’t run out in the middle of a print job.

Storage Space

It depends on the type of work you do but you will need at least some storage space. At a minimum you will probably want a few drawers and/or shelves to hold the supplies you use on a daily basis. You may also need a file cabinets to hold files, important things, or additional supplies.

Some Greenery

It’s a fact that plants make your life better. Forgo an artificial air purifier and opt for a green and natural alternative. They increase oxygen in the environment, reduce stress, and let’s face it, they’re pretty to look at! Each plant will have its own individual benefits so pick wisely. Bamboo acts as a humidifier whilst Spider plants remove carbon monoxide and other toxins.

Your particular home office needs may include a couple more essentials based on your line of work but these should cover most bases. Which of these essentials will you be adding to your new home office? Share your own in the comments!

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