10 Things College Students Miss Most When They’re Away From Home


Being away from home at college is a great opportunity for students to learn about themselves and gain independence while emerging into adulthood. While it may seem like college students LOVE everything about college, there are several things at home that college students miss while they are at school. 

College students miss their pets when they are away at college. (Twnety20 @ilona.shorokhova)

10 things teens miss when they’re at college

1. Home-cooked meals 

We miss our parent’s cooking while we are away at school. One of my favorite parts of coming home is having a warm home-cooked meal with my family. It’s great being able to have family dinners and eat together. At college, it can be challenging to coordinate with friends when to eat at the dining hall and the food at the dining hall is never as good as a home-cooked meals. Also, being able to go into the cupboard and find tons of ingredients and cook whatever I feel like is another convenient and enjoyable benefit of being at home. 

2. Our pets 

Seeing our pets excited to see us anytime we walk in the door makes our whole day! My dogs are always thrilled when I come home – they sprint towards me with their tails wagging back and forth, and jump up and down like they haven’t seen me in years even if it’s only been a short period of time. Being away from our pets is one of the hardest parts of living at college because my dogs always cheer me up if I’m sad and put me in a good mood. 

3. Our favorite place to eat

Almost every college student has that one place in their hometown that they miss going to — whether it’s a coffee shop, restaurant, or ice cream shop. For me, it is my favorite sushi restaurant. In high school, I would go to this restaurant weekly. Even just walking downtown in my hometown while home for the holidays truly made me appreciate my city and all of the diverse food options it has to offer. 

4. Having a car 

Having a car means the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. Many college students don’t have a car until either junior or senior year (if at all.) Not having a car means walking, biking, or Ubering everywhere, which is less convenient. But it’s also a good thing because more time is spent on campus with other students. 

5. Our bed

If you noticed your college student sleeping in a little extra or spending their days relaxing in their bed over break, it is because our beds at our university are nowhere near as comfy or cozy. I spend an extra 30 minutes in my bed in the mornings when I visit home because it’s so much more snug than my bed in the dorms or my apartment. 

6. The shower 

I take extra long showers whenever I am home from college because the water pressure is so much better at home than at college. Plus, we don’t have to wear shower shoes or carry a shower caddy to and from the bathroom while we are at home. Overall, it is just much more relaxing showering in my own home versus a shared bathroom.

7. Friends from our hometown 

This is especially hard the first year of college because it is the first time our hometown friends don’t live within a 15-minute drive of us. We live thousands of miles apart and only see each other over breaks. And FaceTime is just not the same as hanging out with someone in person. 

8. Privacy 

I shared a room at college, as do many other students. One of the best things about being home is having my own room because I can watch videos or listen to music out loud, and sleep in as late as I want without worrying about being an annoyance to my roommate. I enjoy coming home and spending time in my childhood bedroom. It is very nostalgic, but I love it. 

9. Our siblings 

Although we may act like we don’t, we miss our siblings so much while at college! It is really weird going from seeing them every day to rarely seeing them. I miss eating together, shopping, going to the movies, and always having someone to hang out with who wants to go places with me. Most friendships will never fully replicate the relationship that siblings have and the bond of growing up together, so living away from home is tough. 

10. Our parents

Our parents are our main support system and it is hard being away from them. Believe it or not we truly miss our parents while away at school! Being able to walk into the living room and have a conversation, watch TV together, or go for a walk together are some of the main things that I miss. 

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