14 Best Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Walls 2022


As you’re shopping for dorm room essentials, spend some time thinking about how to make your new room reflect your personality. Decorating dorm room walls is one of the most fun parts of moving into college. It is a way to express yourself and be creative with the blank space in your dorm. College dorm decorations can also make great high school graduation gifts. 

You can use Command Strips and Hooks to install many of these wall art projects. Another idea is to use Washi tape to put up lightweight posters or just make fun designs on the walls.

For inspiration on dorm wall decor ideas, check out Dormify, Pottery Barn Teen Dorm, and Society6 websites. 

Before you buy anything, make sure to check the residence life section of your college website to follow all the rules for decorating your dorm.

Best dorm wall decor ideas for 2022

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1. Flags and Banners

Fanatics has flags and banners for 500+ college and hundreds of pro sports teams. Your teen can show off their favorite team by hanging up one of these lightweight flags – instant icebreaker and dorm room decor!

2. Fairy Lights

These fairy lights are such a cute addition to any dorm room. They are trendy and are ideal for having a movie night with friends or studying late at night. These are super popular among college students.

3. Tapestries

Tapestries are a decorative way to fill an entire wall! Also, they can be inexpensive. Beach or nature tapestries are especially popular right now. I had a giant tapestry with a mountain scene in my room and sometimes it actually felt like I was there.

4. Wallpaper

Dormify has some of the best removable wallpaper, and it is specifically made for dorm rooms, so it is easy to put up and remove. Peel and stick wallpaper can really lighten up a room and turn a boring dorm room into a room that feels like home.


5. Full-Length Mirror

A lot of dorm rooms do not have a mirror, so hanging a full-size mirror on the wall can be a great idea. This is also very useful for getting ready in the morning to be able to see your full outfit before leaving for class. 

6. Leaves Garland

These are super popular among college students recently. They can be hung around the ceiling of the room or just down the walls as decoration. In my sorority house last year, so many of the rooms had either a leaf or flower garland and it made the whole room feel like a forest. 

This flower garland has lights which make it another cute idea.

7. Custom Name Signs

Custom name signs are perfect dorm decor idea for you and your roommate. They can either be hung up next to each other on the wall or one on each side of the room. My roommate and I had these signs and we hung them up on our door, but they can be used anywhere in the room.

8. No Nails State Pride Cork Board

This cork board is a fun way to bring a piece of home with you to college. It can be easily hung up with no nails and can be used with push pins for photos, keepsakes, to-do lists, or reminders.

9. Dry-erase board

A dry-erase board is perfect for students who are very organized and like to plan things out in advance. It is simple and is great for planning out the month, adding holidays, assignment due dates, and other important dates to remember. I had one of these as a freshman and it was so convenient having my calendar right in front of me with all my events planned for the month. 

10. Hanging Neon Sign Light

Light-up neon signs and are a great addition to any dorm room. Especially for watching movies late at night, these lamps are perfect when it would be too light to have the lights on but too dark to have the lights off.

11. Wood Monogram Letter

This is another fun addition to the wall that you could match with your roommate. There are so many cool fonts to choose from and you and your roommate could even paint the letters together as a fun little project. 

12. World Map Tapestry

I love this global map tapestry in black and white and think it’s perfect if you prefer a more neutral color scheme for your wall art.

13. Hanging Shelf

You can create a gallery wall with hanging shelves. They can be used for plants, favorite photos, an inspirational quote or just storage for small items. They are super cute and will look good in any room.

14. Photo Clip Lights

These cute string lights have clips that can be used to hang photos from home then later add to it with pictures of your new college friends.

BTW, if you have an instant camera, like the Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera, you can take instant paper images that you can hang up on your wall and share with friends. 

fuji instsax camera

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