18 crazy YouTube challenges kids are doing

The danger of your child&nbspdoing a silly dare is no lengthier restricted to peer pressure at school. Any baby with obtain to social media can be uncovered to these often gross, often unsafe problems that are trending on the web on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Childish (and often dangerous) dares are practically nothing new. For occasion, “bloody knuckles” and “hand slaps” are ache-inducing&nbspgames that youngsters and youngsters have been actively playing for a long time.&nbspBut these days, youngsters are accomplishing more and more unsafe and possibly fatal problems, then publishing movies of the functions on the web in purchase to acquire likes and sights.

Below are some of the well known problems youngsters are attempting.

Any baby with obtain to social media can be uncovered to these trending #problems.

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