3 Ways to Give Kids One-on-One Time — The Baby Cubby


It’s funny how much time and attention you give your first child, but as you add more kids, it gets more difficult, and you aren’t given any more hours in the day. For my kids, the direct positive attention we give them shows in the way they act and treat others. I have noticed when one of my children may be seeking more attention, they don’t always do it in a pleasant way. There is more whining, fighting, and overall bad attitudes.

This is when my husband and I know that we need to step back and give a little more to that child. Some weeks there isn’t enough time to give each kid an outing, so here are three ways I found to give my kids a little bit more that works with my day to day life.


We all know that reading every day for our kids is so important for learning! But it doesn’t have to always be you reading to them. Try just sitting side by side and reading your own books. I have noticed especially with my oldest that quality time together can just be about being physically close. I also have loved letting my kids tell me the story of what they’re reading as they learn to read independently!


Letting your kids make a big mess to prepare a small meal isn’t ideal, but they love it! They are learning, growing, and experiencing so much during this process. I have also found it is a great time to chat about school or friends. I also can’t wait for the day this will pay off and they can help with a dinner or two a week!  


THIS is the big one for me! I workout most days and have found my kids absolutely love to do it with me! This could apply to anything you enjoy: invite them to craft, golf, bike ride, whatever it is. It may even cultivate a love for that hobby in them too. Think how enjoyable it will be to spend time with them doing something you both love!

So fellow parents, let’s put our work and phones down for a bit and give our kids the positive attention they are craving! I know that there are things out of our control and sometimes we may need to tag team the one-on-one time with an aunt/uncle, grandparent, or even a friend, and that is great too! You’ll be amazed at how much your child’s attitude changes when they have you all to themselves for a little while.




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