8 Ways To Leave the Office — When the Office Is Your Home


For many of us, “work” and “home” are now the same place. Are you fed up with the blurred lines? Do you still enjoy WFH life? Either way, it’s important to distinguish between your job and your home. And transitioning from one to the other is key to your wellbeing — and your family’s. Even at home, there are some things you can do to transition from work, just like you did in the old days:

8 Ways to Transition from Work Life to Home Life

  1. Shut down. The “power off” button isn’t just a sign for your computer — it tells you to shut down, too. If you need to go back to it after dinner or after the kids go to bed, have at it. But make sure you have some quality time without it, too.
  2. Leave work. Remember the freeing feeling of leaving the office at the end of a long day? You can still have that. Get outside for a change of scenery and fresh air. If you’re trying to get some peace and quiet, use your walk as “me time” to clear your head and reset for the evening. If you’d rather walk with your spouse and/or kids, take advantage of the time to catch up on everyone’s day.
  3. Mimic your commute. (But not the traffic part of it!) No matter how far you live from the office, you were probably used to spending time in the car or on public transportation after work. Even though you’re not commuting for the time being, you can still enjoy podcasts, music, audiobooks, and catch-up calls with friends. Just set aside 15-30 minutes — or longer, if you can.
  4. Head to your exercise “class.” Getting your heart pumping is a known mood-booster — something we all need at the end of another day cooped up at home. Go for a jog or bike ride, take a virtual class — anything to signal a separation between work and home.
  5. Come home. It might sound simple, but after you close your computer, walk out the front door, shut it, take a few deep breaths, and walk back in.
  6. Change out of your work clothes. Do you start the day Zoom-ready — business on top and PJs on the bottom? Are you one of the admirable few who still cycle through your weekly work wardrobe? Change into something more comfortable when your day is over.
  7. Start “homework.” Establish a routine so your kids know what’s coming when work and school are over — they’ll hold you accountable. Set up an art project or an outdoor activity, or have them choose a story for you to read.
  8. Take a break. Nothing says “quitting time” like a snack. Put something nutritious on the table. And don’t feel like you need to make it from scratch — easy, healthy, and quick is all you need.

Working from home has its benefits, but it can also be a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with the overwhelming stress of a global pandemic. When work seems to linger and you can’t get it off your mind, try these tips to close out your day.



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