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Well y’all, I am a new plant parent and I have 9 new babies! I already have quite a few indoor plants and I plant a small garden each spring but I have discovered something new that is pretty nifty! I am so excited to share my experience of micro gardening with a Click And Grow gardening kit. I am happy to be an affiliate partner for Click and Grow. They are the creators of an innovative, self-sustainable Smart Garden that helps you grow fresh and healthy greens, fruits, and herbs all year round, with no green thumb needed! Click And Grow discount code is included at the bottom of the post if you want to try their garden kits for yourself.

Click And Grow Review

First, I want to share what attracted me to Click And Grow. I love that this gardening kit makes micro gardening not only possible, but super easy. Which is to say that you can grow a food crop in a tiny space anywhere, any time of year. With Click And Grow gardening systems, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to plant. Nor do you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will get enough sunlight for your plants to grow. Click & Grow removes the hassle of collecting indoor gardening supplies and garden tools and finding somewhere to store them all. In fact, Click And Grow are the perfect indoor gardens for apartments!

You can select one of three different sizes of gardening kits and they are all what they call “self-growing”. Most people struggle with how much water to give their plants and how often. Not with Click and Grow. These gardening kits all feature automatic watering. They also feature the perfect amount of light thanks to pro-grow lights. This is huge because access to full, direct sunlight is often hard to achieve for most indoor gardens. Finally, Click and Grow makes sure plants get the perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level. They offer over 75 varieties of herbs, flowers, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. So now, all you have to do enjoy your green thumb you never knew you had!

Smart Garden 9 Review Of The Indoor Gardening Kit

gardening kit

Good For Beginners And Advanced Gardeners Who Are Interested In Micro Gardening

I chose the Smart Garden 9 as the perfect Gardening Kit for my kids and I. To be clear, this gardening kit is for a great gardening kit for beginners- both kids and adults because it makes gardening so easy. However, it is not just for beginners. I have been gardening for many years and I still love it because it is opening a whole new world of indoor gardening to me. Micro gardening is great for urban folks without much space and it also great for those that don’t live in the tropics with a year round growing season. I fit both of those categories and I love that the Smart Garden 9 is a great way to grow food all year round.

Compact Gardening Kit

The Smart Garden 9 is a self-growing, indoor gardening system with the capacity to hold nine plants. It is ideal for growing herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables indoors during any season. It is a fairly small unit measuring in at 2 feet long, 1 foot, four inches high, and 7 inches deep. It does not take up too much space and looks great as a way to bring some natural greenery to any space. You don’t have to keep any indoor gardening supplies on hand. It comes with everything it needs. You just insert the pods (soil discs with seeds), add water, and plug it in. That is it! They even include reusable plant markers so you can label your own seeds.

compact gardening kit for micro gardening

Easy Assembly

The only assembly is to slide the two arms onto the base and then slide the light bar onto the arms. After that, you just place your plant pod into the plant cup and add a humidity dome while they germinate. Then add water and plug in it.

Self-Watering Gardening Kit

This gardening kit is self-watering. You just fill up the tray initially until the water level indicator is at the top. Then you don’t have to refill it until it reaches the bottom (about once a month). Meanwhile, each plant is receiving the perfect amount of water continuously due to the wicks into the plant cups.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any messy drip trays or any spills or leaks. The water is self-contained in all of the Click And Grow indoor gardening kits.

Gardening Kit with Pro-Grow Lights

Don’t have a sunny window? No problem. The grow lamp bar over the plants provides them with the perfect amount of light to grow fast and strong. The pro-grow lights help ensure an optimum harvest of herbs, veggies, and/or fruits. The energy efficient LED lighting system of the Smart Garden 9 only consumes 13W of power.

garden kit seed pods- smart soil with seeds included

This Gardening Kit Makes Organic Gardening Easy

Organic gardening is the way to go. I don’t want any pesticides on my food!! However, I will admit, I find it to be very frustrating when pesky bugs find my fruits and veggies after I have slaved away in my outdoor garden. Well, Click And Grow Smart Garden 9, makes organic gardening easy. They provide the perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level in their smart soil to help plants grow their fastest and best. The growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials, and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones or other harmful substances. So now you have organic gardening without the weeds, pests, or needing to fertilize your crops. Easy!

This gardening kit comes with a set of 9 plant capsules: 3 tomato, 3 basil, 3 lettuce. After that you can choose from their selection of 75+ pre-seeded plant pods or use your own seed packets. The most popular plant seed pods include cherry tomatoes, strawberries, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and cilantro. Lemon balm is also a popular choice for those that like to make their own herbal tea.

fun, healthy, easy organic gardening
The gardening kit is available in three colors.

Fun And Healthy

Edible gardens are so much fun for kids and adults alike. Watching a garden grow is always rewarding. I also love adding fresh herbs to my meals for flavor and health benefits. Eating fresh from a garden is always a healthy choice. In fact, Click And Grow says, “Our edible plants contain up to 3 times more antioxidants than store-bought.” Pretty cool!

Where To Buy And Click And Grow Discount Code

Click And Grow Gardening Kits come in three different sizes. You can order or learn more through my affiliate link here->

Use Click and Grow Discount code FAMILY10 for 10% off your first purchase.

They have a 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty so it is worry free. I love my Smart Garden 9! It is such an easy way to garden!

I think they would make a great gift too. I am thinking of getting my mom the herb garden starter kit for mother’s day. I also love the idea of creating a tower garden for my own plants. Talk about next level gardening! It is the best option for those that love plants but don’t want the stress of trying to keep them alive.

Let me know if you have any questions about this indoor gardening kit. Also, if you get one, I’d love to see or hear about what types of plants you are growing! @familyfocusblog #clickandgrow

Do you love the idea of growing fresh food and homegrown herbs all without even using up hardly any counter space?



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