GIVEAWAY #2 WINNER: CONGRATS TO youtube subscriber – crazycrenzy27 . I am making contact with you and will post your name when confirmed here and on Facebook. GIVEAWAY #3 WILL BE POSTED TONIGHT. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU SUBSCRIBERS.. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD. So many of you said there are still scammers asking for to click on links but you are reporting them.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

1) Subscribe to TheParentingChannel on YouTube
2) Go to our website:
3) Find Rainbow Loom Giveway #2 on Home Page and Click on “Enter Here”
4) Write Your “YouTube Name”
5) Write “Giveaway #2”
6) *** Must be 18 or parents approval. Do NOT respond to any Scam Emails who ask for personal information. Once you enter here, we will NOT EMAIL YOU asking you to fill out forms or for other personal information. We will only announce out winner on our Youtube page next Monday April 7, 2014. You can enter again if you did before. GOOD LUCK!!

ThePare ntingChannel (notice space in Pare nting)
Brian Garcia Not sure how he has the same URL:

CONGRATS Taylor Hoyt !! Our Rainbow Loom Giveaway #1 Winner!! She will send us pictures on Facebook soon.


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