Does Your Bathroom Decor Reveal Your True Style?


The most memorable room for guests is the bathroom. You can probably remember the layout and décor of bathrooms from most homes you visited over the past decade. This is because the bathroom is associated with basic bodily functions and daily grooming rituals more so than other rooms. The details of those experiences create a subconscious reflection of the host. Here are some basic bathroom decor ideas and bathroom styles you may enjoy.

You aren’t being judged on your bathroom by most guests, but they are likely to notice this room. With a minimal effort and thoughtful bathroom basics and bathroom design, you can leave a good impression in the mind of guests and reveal your true style.

Basic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Start with the basics. Don’t overlook these or your bathroom decor will be made much less effective.

Bathroom Cleanliness

A clean bathroom is most important, but impressions are built on appearance versus substance. The appearance of cleanliness is just as important as overall sterility. This means discolored grout needs to be cleaned or replaced for a clean appearance. Hard-water stains need to be removed, and soap scum should be washed from surfaces. Everything needs an organized place in the bathroom to avoid clutter.

Fully Stocked

Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, soap, and a little Febreze never hurt! Matching bathroom accessories and containers should all be in one color scheme. A tiny bathroom especially needs this unity and organization. Use toothbrush holders and mason jars to hold toiletries such as cotton balls and cotton swabs to create a nice, fresh look. Personal beauty products should be concealed in hidden storage space behind the mirror. A few matching hand towels should be folded neatly or hanging and handy for guests.

Shower Curtains

If you have a small space to work with and it is possible, ditch the shower curtains all together and get glass doors. This will enhance the openness of the space and make a small bathroom feel larger. When that is not an option, keep in mind that shower curtains will contribute to the decor quite considerably. They can be cloth with ruffles and create an older powder room vibe or they can be transparent and white with cool patterns for more of a modern vibe. A new shower curtain can actually create a world of difference in and of itself!

Then add the pretty luxuries. Now, these are the fun bathroom decor ideas that really add that pop!

Incanto Turkish Towels
Incanto Turkish Towels from

Turkish Towels

Everyone washes their hands so, of course, they notice your bath linens. Turkish towels are known for being a luxurious towel choice. They are made with the natural, silky soft, thick, absorbent 100% pure cotton. They usually feel fluffy to the touch and can come in several fancy designs and patterns. Also towels become decoration when you take care to create nice fluffy folds. Bath towels, bath mats, and bathroom rugs should all match in color. Often they can work to create a nice pop of color in an otherwise neutral bathroom, especially if you have white paint and rather blank walls.

Turkish Bathrobes

If you bathroom guest will be staying over, they are sure to remember if you provide them with a luxury like a Turkish bathrobe! Hang them on pegs to create a luxurious look. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a plush robe after a bath or shower?

Wall Art

Your choice of wall art is a huge part of the character that you will be imparting to the bathroom walls. Is it large, rich, and abstract, creating a refined look? Is it a poster of an underwater fish scene, creating a fun kids bathroom? A large piece of artwork with pendant lights over it can become a focal point. A funny poster can add humor to your bathroom space. Your choice in bathroom wall decor definitely speaks to your sense of style. It can be an easy way to create your unique look.

Your bathroom decor pieces will add up to create your overall bathroom style. However, you will probably end up with more cohesive results if you start with a bathroom style you enjoy and draw your inspiration from there. What is your bathroom of your dreams? Here are a few styles below for inspiration.

Different Bathroom Styles :

Comfortably Practical

If you want to project a luxurious attitude, perhaps to augment or contrast with minimalist features in the rest of the home, you’ll find help from certain features. Use a shag throw rug in the bathroom. A small pedestal with statuary or an overflowing plant contained can be offset with directional lighting. A decadent bath bar reduces ambient lighting while aiding views of the mirror.

Practical Minimalism

For the utilitarian, the bathroom is a place to show it. You have certain tasks, such as grooming, elimination, and bathing, and nothing more is required of the bathroom. Choose shelving and storage options that allow for the appearance of minimalism even if you have a devotion to materialism. Cedar is a fine choice for long-lasting appeal. Oak is resilient and lends a stately appearance. Minimalists dislike clutter, so storage should be your focus. The minimalist bathroom style has very clean, modern lines with nothing ornate.

bathing Venus luxury bathroom decor style

Bathing Venus

There is a difference between a general feeling of comfort and the appearance of absolute luxury. Enhance shadows in the corners of the room with more directional lighting. Natural lighting around the tub or a beautiful chandelier is a good match. A bathroom equipped with golden fixtures and large ornate mirrors shows that you spend a lot of time here and demand as much comfort as possible.

mens bathroom decor style

Gentlemen’s Club

Many of the luxury items preferred by the bathing Venus also look right at home in the gentlemen’s club. The difference is the presentation. Substitute darker woods for shelving and cabinetry, and swap out curvy fixtures for more angular, masculine ones. Opt for dark metal fixtures. For large bathrooms with a sizable window, an elliptical trainer or other compact equipment is a great match for a personal sauna.

There are an infinite number of variations in personality, and just as many bathrooms decor idea! The unique persona of the bathroom will stand out above others, so take the time for unique designs and elements. Which are your favorite bathroom styles?

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