Enough is Enough – Let Children Take off their Masks


Pressure is mounting on elected officials to lift mask mandates in schools wherever they still exist – and it’s not a moment too soon. 

Thanks to heavy-hand government bureaucrats, busybodies and even the misinformed well-meaning, children have been forced to endure face coverings in the classroom for up to two years. Abnormality has become institutionalized.  

Enough is enough. With their parents’ permission, it’s past time to allow children to take their masks off and live like normal human beings again.  

Mask wearing was implemented to slow or prevent the spread of COVID-19, but numerous studies have been released calling into question the efficacy of face coverings altogether. In many cases, masks have been nothing short of theater – something to do that looks or even feels good but is more show than substance. 

Masks are supposed to help – but for children they actually do more harm than good. First off, children are at the lowest risk of COVID. Even if they contract it, they tend to get over it very quickly. Statistically speaking, they pretty much have a zero percent chance of dying from it.  

The science is clear. Children are different from adults when it comes to COVID-19. Speech and emotional development rely heavily on facial expressions and reading social cues that become impossible to translate when you can’t see someone’s mouth.  

A recent study likened kids wearing masks to wearing sunglasses (though likely worse) and that such a barrier makes it more difficult to identify a child’s fear, sadness or anger – or having them read those same emotions in others. Studies have confirmed masks impair a child’s social and emotional reasoning.  

Many of us have grown weary of public officials and celebrities saying one thing regarding masking and doing the other, i.e., “Rules for thee but not for me.” 

Georgia’s Stacey Abrams made headlines a few weeks ago when she was photographed maskless inside a classroom. She was there to campaign for governor and read to students. All of the children had their faces covered. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took heat when he was pictured without a mask at the NFC Championship game and then claimed he was holding his breath for pictures. At Sunday’s Super Bowl, numerous celebrities were photographed maskless again – despite a local ordinance requiring everyone to mask up. 

Allow me to be clear – I don’t think these celebrities or politicians should be forced to mask up either – but stop requiring our kids to do what those making the rules have no intention of doing themselves. 

For some time now, I’ve been warning about a war on our kids. It’s insidious and on every level. Anti-natalists don’t want children at all; abortion activists champion the killing of those who are conceived – and liberal activists want to control those kids who do make it by propagandizing school curricula and foisting and forcing their leftist agenda upon them. 

Taking off the mask represents both a symbolic and scientific step in the right direction. It’s time to reclaim what has been wrestled from us. It’s between God and parents – not government, regarding how we are to raise and manage the health of our children. There are times when government has a right to institute public health positions on a national level but that is not the case here as scientific evidence does not support the current policies. 



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