February is Charter School Open House Month!



Explore Charter Schools in Your Community This February

Finding the right school for your child can make all the difference! During Charter School Open House Month, it’s easier than ever to explore what charter schools have to offer your child. Families can visit charter schools virtually or in person during the entire month of February, and even apply on the spot. Browse the user-friendly open house calendar to find school tours and information sessions at charter schools near you.

Just like other public schools, charter schools are tuition-free and open to all NYC students, including students with disabilities and English language learners. Charter schools often emphasize the core subjects of English and math, and offer a variety of innovative programming, such as arts, science and languages.

Because charter schools have the ability to operate with more flexibility than traditional district schools, each offers their own set of goals, class sizes, curriculum, and more. Just as no family is the same, all charter schools are unique, and can cater to their community’s needs, while providing students with the tools to excel.

Charter schools citywide are currently accepting K-12 applications for the 2022-23 school year, and families are encouraged to apply by April 1 to increase their chances of getting accepted to the school of their choice. You can conveniently apply to multiple charter schools with a single, free online application form. There are never any admissions tests, interviews or essays required to apply.

Looking for a specific charter school in your area? Check out the Charter School Finder, which allows you to search by neighborhood, school district, borough or grade level. With over 270 charter schools across all five boroughs, it’s important to explore your options so you can feel confident that you’re making an informed decision regarding your child’s future. Visit CharterNYC.org to learn more about what NYC charter schools have to offer your child.



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