How To Get Hit On While Pregnant

Time for one last wild night before Baby #2! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting hit on while pregnant (based on a true story). Subscribe for new tips every Wednesday!

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Special thanks to Connie & Alex (our photographer/ convenient store cameo)

E-mail from Connie (LOL!)

So embarrassing….I was coming home from dinner with Nathan when I come to a stop at a red light. A guy (in a Porsche!) is staring at me and asks me to roll down my window. I think he’s lost and when I roll down my window, he says “You’re very pretty”. Totally off-guard, i’m like “huh??” and he’s like “you’re nice to look at!” and I say “thank you!!!” ….and then the light is still red and i don’t know what else to say….and it’s hot and my a/c is going….and nathan is in the back hollering at me to play the song “Country Roads”….so I have no choice but to roll up my window (to conserve the a/c, of course) and get my iPhone out to change the song to “Country Roads” while this guy is still looking at me waiting for some interaction….SOOOOOOO embarrassing!!!!! a decade ago, i swear, i would have been much cooler!!


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