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If you’re a new mom, you’ve probably received a lot of advice. When I had my first baby, everyone told me that you could never have too many swaddles. After having two babies, I definitely agree with this statement. But why is swaddling such a big deal? And which swaddle material is best?

All a baby knows is how warm and snug it felt to be in mama’s belly. Once they come into this world, they begin to experience countless sounds, feelings, and temperature changes, which can cause a baby to feel uneasy and anxious. Swaddling helps eliminate these feelings by recreating that secure environment that baby felt before birth. Babies also come into the world with the Moro reflex that can cause them to startle often. Swaddling keeps them secure as they sleep, which means better sleep for both baby and mama.

Two of the most popular materials used for swaddling blankets are muslin and jersey knit. Here are some of the differences between each:

Muslin swaddles are thin and breathable. They allow for greater airflow, which makes them great for warmer climates or summer nights. This breathability is the reason that muslin swaddles make great car seat and stroller covers. Muslin material is also very durable, which can help it to last longer but can result in some stiffness. This can make it a bit more difficult to get a tight swaddle. However, with each wash the muslin gets softer, making it easier to get a nice wrap. Muslin is also very absorbent, which makes these blankets into great burp cloths.

Jersey knit swaddles are sturdy and stretchy. This allows you to get a snug and comfortable wrap because the material conforms to the baby’s body more easily. This keeps wiggly babies from breaking free from their swaddle at nighttime. The thick material makes these a great candidate for colder nights. Jersey knit blankets also work well as nursing covers because they are less sheer compared to the muslin swaddles, and they can be stretched over your shoulder and around the baby more easily.

Both types are great for throwing in the diaper bag, as they store easily and don’t take up much space. You honestly can’t go wrong with either type. 

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