Just 30 Products That’ll Make Your Outdoor Space The Place To Be This Summer

Popular items from this list

  • An inflatable pool designed for adults that’ll make you wonder how you ever got through a heat wave without it once you try it.

  • A supersized version of Connect Four so you can bring game night outside when the weather’s just too nice to be cooped up in the house.

  • A classy patio set so you can sit on your deck in comfort and style.

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A super cute outdoor bistro set for enjoying warm weather drinks and bites
The set comes with two chairs and a table, and folds up flat and compact to save space! It’s available in nine colors.

Promising review: “This is the greatest bistro set ever. I ordered the mint green and it came exactly as photographed. All three pieces are heavy, stable, and sturdy. Highly recommend!” — Maria Previs

A compact Weber grill that’ll end up replacing your oven
I grew up eating food my dad cooked on his Weber grill, and you really can’t beat the flavor you get from using charcoal. Plus, it’s the perfect size for making a good deal of food without taking up too much space.

Promising review: “Affordable and reliable. Perfect for our backyard. We prefer charcoal to gas, and we’ve cooked about everything under the sun on this bad boy. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Exactly what we wanted.” — Marci Manley

A picnic table with benches, because you gotta have a place for eating all those burgers
Promising review: “Easy to assemble and perfect for additional seating and dining options on the patio! Best part is that it folds flat to store in the garage for the winter.” — GL
A large water-resistant picnic blanket if you’re short on room
Promising review: “Used this for the first time today at the park. The ground was still wet from last night’s rain, but the blanket kept all dampness out. It’s a big blanket and two adults, two children, and a large picnic basket fit easily on it with room to spare. It was easy to shake clean and folded right back up into its little bag (and fit into the bottom of our mostly empty picnic basket). Can’t wait to try it at the beach.” — Lauren
A subtle yet effective privacy screen
FYI, reviewers say it’s not necessarily difficult to assemble, but that having a drill makes it much quicker and easier.

Promising review: “I love these screens! They turned out so beautiful and add a nice bit of privacy to our outdoor space.” — Olivia

An inflatable pool designed for adults
It’s also got a bench and cup holders!

Promising review: “I have had this pool for about two weeks now and I LOVE IT!!! Was simple to set up, I got a little electric pump and it took about 10 minutes to inflate, then about half an hour to fill with water. Pay attention to making sure you set it up on level ground or it will be lopsided. I live in South Carolina so it is already hot and humid, and I use it about every afternoon. It is probably good for two adults, maybe one adult and a couple of kids. The built-in seat and headrest are really quite comfy and relaxing. I will definitely buy this same pool again if it springs a leak and can’t be fixed, if I could give it a 10 stars I would. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!” — kathryn j.

A stainless-steel fire pit so you’ll be able to live out your inner “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” dreams
Promising review: “We just received our Tiki fire pit and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship. We have been looking for a fire pit for our patio and this one is perfect! The black exterior and copper colored lining is gorgeous and I love that it can use pellets or wood logs. It is a nice size and there was nearly no assembly. The low smoke design and ash pan for easy cleanup was an unexpected bonus. This definitely exceeded our expectations.” — Shari Bitterman
A highly rated portable projector for turning your yard into your very own outdoor movie theater
Promising review: “This was purchased to watch movies outside in the summer. The quality is excellent and for the price you can’t go wrong! I would totally recommend this projector to anyone. It’s easy to use and the remote is functional. The speakers are actually very good when it comes to volume!” — Practical and Efficient Mom
A projection screen that’s big enough so everyone can see
The screen is 120-inches and made of an anti-crease material. It also comes with brackets and ropes for mounting purposes.

Promising review: “This screen is perfect for our use. We bought it for outdoor movie nights whether being on the garage door, in the backyard, camping, or inside the garage. It’s very easy to install with no wrinkles and shows a great picture. I’ve attached pictures that show how well I can still see the picture despite being surrounded by 7,000 Christmas lights in close vicinity.” — Hallie H.

A supersized version of Connect Four
In case you’re unfamiliar with the game, each person takes turns sliding a disc through the top of the board, and whoever gets four in a row of their color (blue or red) first, wins!

Promising review: “Best purchase! We bought it for the kids but my husband and I stayed up until 1 a.m. playing!! It was a hit at our party! Great quality. Yes, you can hit the bar and release the discs, but it hasn’t happened to us and wouldn’t be a big deal if it did! Totally worth it! So glad we got it!!” — Rechel B

An oversized block-stacking game for anyone who enjoys competition
Promising review: “Purchased these for ‘game nights’ on the terrace during the summer and they were much more popular than I expected. These are solid and seem like they will last quite a while. Solid set and bag makes storing a breeze!” — Josh
A cute little bocce set that’ll keep your guests entertained for hours
It comes with eight balls, plus a pallino (the small white ball), measuring rope, and a carrying case! And, it’s so simple that anyone strong enough to toss the balls will be able to play. All it consists of is tossing thecolorful balls and seeing who can get closest to the smaller white ball — so chill!

Promising review: “Very durable bocce ball set. We bought this to go with our backyard game collection. Everything is super durable and doesn’t chip easily. We have thrown these a bit harder than we should and they hit cement pavement and still not a crack or chip in sight. Solid build.” — Sharks93

A tabletop pizza oven for anyone who wants to take their outdoor cooking to the next level
Just add your wood pellets to the hopper, preheat for about 18 minutes, and you’ll be on your way to homemade pies in no time (the pizza itself can take as little as 90 seconds to cook!). Plus, it weighs just 25 pounds and has foldable legs for easy storage.

Promising review: “Have wanted to get a wood-fired pizza oven for a while. This is a great starter. It’s a small unit, easy to put together and move. If you’re familiar with charcoal or pellet cooking you’ll find this easy to use and maintain. The first pizza we made came out perfect and we haven’t had trouble yet!” — MK

Some very necessary string lights that’ll give your deck, patio, or balcony a lovely, warm glow
Promising review: “I have these lights hanging outside over my patio. They are very bright but not overly bright like spotlights and are perfect for lighting up the backyard for parties. We keep them up all year long during rainstorms, hot weather, and snowstorms, and they still work like the day I bought them. Highly recommend!” — Joseph
An outdoor bar set so you can mix up drinks without using up precious table space
It comes with a bar table and two cushioned stools, and has a few shelves in the back for storing bottles, barware, and any other cocktail ingredients.

Promising review: “We ordered two of these outdoor bars for our patio. They look so great put side by side to create one long bar. I searched online for days and found this item to be the best value (as each bar comes with two stools, cushions, and the glass top). The instructions could have been a little more helpful but it was fairly easy to figure out. The bar is very sturdy and the shelving inside is great for extra storage. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to improve your outdoor space, this bar is the perfect addition!” — Debbie M

A 2-in-1 side table cooler that’ll keep your beverages cold
The top extends up, so just lift it when you want to grab a can!

Promising review: “I have received a lot of compliments regarding this little cooler/table, and for the price, I’m very happy with the purchase. We were looking for a smaller table to complement our larger patio set. After our last party I think I may have made a couple of sales for the Keter brand. The cooler kept drinks cold for quite a while, especially considering we didn’t put much ice in it. The standing feature is nice, too. Just lock the table in the open position and you can use it for a tall drink stand, which works well. If you’re looking for a little table for a patio set OR for a little patio cooler, this product can take care of both needs.” — Phenom13

A six-person tent so you can feel like you’re camping without leaving home
Promising review: “I love Coleman products!!! It’s like affordability and quality had a child, and named it Coleman. Sure, there may be better/fancier tents, but this second home of mine has gone through the desert heat (Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Zion), Snow (June Lake, California), perfect weather (Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes), rain, and it has held up beautifully since 2016. I bought the 6-person tent, and it held true. I love this tent, and I will keep using it until it is no longer usable, a lot of awesome memories with this tent.” — Nunya B.
A quilted hammock that’s like the Rolls Royce of outdoor lounging
FYI: Some reviewers mentioned it’s best to take it inside during inclement weather to prolong its life, but that it’s super easy to take down! And, if you don’t have trees to attach it to, you can get a stand that’ll let you prop it up anywhere!

Promising review: “It looks like a million bucks. Very well made, beautiful and so comfortable. This made our yard look amazing and it is large enough my wife and I plus our two small boys to relax on it together. Look no further, get it.” — Amazon Customer

An outdoor heater to keep things cozy on chillier summer evenings
Promising review: “Finally I can use my deck when it’s normally just a little chilly. Great product and easy to set up. I found it easy and quick to install with only four screws. Having the remote is key and I was hoping it had a timer, which it does. The last thing you would want to do is leave this heater running overnight because you or a guest forgot to turn it off. The remote allows you to set the timer from 1–8 hours quickly.” — Jim McGimsey
Some realistic-looking faux flowers that’ll make your yard feel like a lush garden
Promising review: “Super cute! I love them. I’m awful with plants so I put these outside and you can’t even tell they’re fake. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb!” — Tori

Promising review: “These lavender flowers are so real looking! I love the rich, true color and how durable they are in bad weather conditions. My kind of potted plants to have!” —Victoria K

And, some lovely faux ivy you can drape over walls and fences
FYI, some reviewers noted that the garland has a strong odor upon opening, but that airing it out outdoors for a day or two did the trick!

Promising review: “They give life to my patio. I got them a few months ago, have been outdoors under sun and rain, and still look fresh and bright. They don’t look fake like others. These leaves truly give the perfect touch.” — Bee P

A giant unicorn pool float that’s equal parts comfy for lounging and photo-worthy
Promising review: “This floaty is huge! It’s big enough for an adult to lie on and not even touch the water. It doesn’t have a hole in the middle so it’s super comfortable. My friend’s 5-year-old daughter loved it too! I’ve had it for over a month now, used several times with no issues at all.” — Kelsey
An adorable play cottage that’ll bring all the kids to the yard
Promising review: “SO cute. My husband and I assembled it together in about 20 minutes or so, and was pretty self-explanatory. The kids climb on top of it (even though would not recommend to make it last) and it’s held up great. My favorite part is the colors, it looks great in my yard while giving them a fun place to play.” — GB
A classy patio set so you can sit on your deck in comfort and style
It comes with two chairs, a sofa, and coffee table!

Promising review: “Amazing set. Looks much more expensive than it actually costs. Extremely comfortable, durable, and a snap to put together. All of the pieces came organized and undamaged — and the instructions were clear and concise. I’ve never assembled furniture prior to this, and couldn’t have had an easier experience.” — Zmarjieh

A sleek outdoor chaise lounge that’ll have you lazing around all day
Promising review: “This is really a nice wooden chaise lounge chair. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble, and came with everything needed to do so. All the bolts and screws were there. The assembly mainly just requires putting the four legs and braces on. Holes are predrilled, and if needed, instructions are included. Cushion is also of nice quality. I will be buying another one. Good height. Not hard to get out of, and the back has six seating positions or all the way down. Great value and great chair.” — Belle
A cushy chair swing, because you’re never too old to enjoy that feeling of carefree suspension
Promising review: “I love this chair! It’s super comfortable and relaxing. It was easy to put together, though it’s easier with a helper as the base is quite heavy. If you don’t have a partner, build it where you want it to stay. I make a point to go to my patio and sit on this chair every day. Love!” — Kelly Tetreau
A breezy canopy for creating some much-needed shade
Don’t forget the installation hardware!

Promising review: “We love our sun shade! We installed it over our deck that is completely exposed to the sun from sun up until sun down. It is so nice to have our sitting area in the shade now. It was easy to install and I wish we had gotten it sooner.” — craftygrandma

A pop-up gazebo, which is equipped with mosquito netting on all sides

It comes in six colors.

Promising review: “As advertised it was easy to assemble. It is much sturdier than my other gazebo that I paid more money for! Nice, sturdy construction and I love that I can take it down easily when necessary. Great product.” — Amazon customer

A pair of Bluetooth speakers that also light up the space in different colors
Promising review: “The sound quality of these is great and syncing two of them together was easy per the instructions. We bought these for our first pool party in our new home and they were a big hit. I like that you can turn off the colored lights, especially during the day when they aren’t visible anyway. The colors of the lights are vibrant at night. We hung these from hanging planter stakes and played them for 7–8 hours without any issue after they were fully charged. I’m sure they could play even longer but we haven’t tested them out beyond that.” — BCW

Promising review: “We purchased these speakers for our outdoor patio space. They are easy to sync up with our phones to play Pandora, Spotify, or Sirius XM apps. They are LOUD — we purchased four speakers total for our space and consistently use one or two while the others are charging. My teenage son also ‘stole’ one for his room since he doesn’t have a wireless stereo. While we have not drowned them in the rain or dumped them in a bucket of water to test the weatherproof statement, we have left them out briefly during a rain storm with no issues noted. HIGHLY RECOMMEND — great value for the quality and ease of use.” — Jen Letourneau

A frozen drink machine to make everyone feel like they’re in a tropical oasis
Promising review: “Bought this for my wife for her birthday. I was planning on going with something cheaper, but after I read all the good reviews on this machine I decided to get this one. This margarita maker is worth every penny! It’s so simple to use and the fact that you can manually mix it more or add more shaved ice to make it exactly the way you want it is fantastic. We found that after a normal cycle, it leaves some small chunks of ice. Blend for three more seconds, and boom, it’s perfect.” — A.S.

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