List Of Fun Birthday Activities for Teens


Coming up with new ways to celebrate a teenager’s birthday can be challenging. They’re no longer interested in superheroes or cartoon characters, but they still want to celebrate with their friends. And, if you’re lucky, they’d like their parents and siblings to join in on the fun as well. Here are some fun birthday activities for teens to keep them entertained.

20 Birthday Activities For Teenager Fun

My son just turned 15 and my daughter just turned 17. I can barely believe it! However, I do have some experience with selecting teen birthday party ideas which ones worked the best. If you have invited a group of teenagers to help with your teen’s birthday celebration, you will need some fun activities that will serve as an outlet for all that teen enthusiasm and energy! From inexpensive to more of a splurge, here are fun games and things to do.

Here are a few fun ideas for parties that your teen might actually enjoy:

Paintball, Water Balloon, or NERF Battle Party

Let your teens go a little crazy with a fun outdoor party. Invite several friends, divide up on teams, and let them use up some energy. Have a prize for the winning team. Laser tag is another option along these same lines. This great idea tends to be especially popular with teenage boys.

Have a Murder Mystery Party

If you are looking for birthday party themes, a murder mystery is sure to be a lot of fun. There are several online options to find murder mystery fun for groups. You can download a script, set up a room for the themed party, and assign each guest a character to play. They’ll need to read their parts out load and solve the crime together, with one guest discovering that they are the victim and another discovering that they are the murderer. This is a great time for teen boys and teen girls.

Shopping Party

Treat them to a gift certificate at their favorite store or shopping mall and let them invite a couple of friends to help them shop. Treat them to lunch at their favorite spot afterwards. This is an especially popular option for teenage girls.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great way to encourage the party guests to interact. Small groups have to work together solving puzzles in order to escape the room within the allotted amount of time. With various themes, your teen is certain to find an escape room option that they’ll enjoy. This is a good idea for teens that enjoy a good challenge.

Outdoor Movie Night

Turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater for a good time. Hang a white sheet on the fence to act as the screen, set up a projector, and lay out blankets and pillows on the ground. Your teen can choose their favorite movie and favorite snacks. The good news here is that there’s plenty of space to invite as many friends as they’d like.

Dinner Party

Let your teen choose the menu and a few friends to invite and make your dining room a special place for them to have a nice dinner party with their friends. Use tablecloths, candles, and the good China to set a beautiful table where they can enjoy a grown-up style dinner with friends.

Or if you have a small group of teens, you may consider letting them eat out by themselves at a local restaurant. We did this with my daughter for her 16th birthday so they could all feel very fancy and grown up. Know your teens though and think about how responsible they are and what your budget is before you chose this option.

Amusement Park

Spending the day at an amusement park is a super fun way to let teens celebrate their special day with friends. Since this option can be a little pricey, you may want to limit how many friends they can invite, but purchase tickets and give them a concession stand budget and let them enjoy the day on the roller coasters.

Concert or Sports Game

Buy tickets for your teen and a friend or two to attend a concert of their favorite band or go to a live sports game with their favorite team. You can give them a little extra money for souvenirs and concession stand snacks to help make the day extra special.

Rent A Theater

This option is surprisingly affordable especially if you have a large number of people. AMC has private theater rental options and if you pick an old movie verses a new release, you can same some money. Just select a theatre, date, showtime, and choose a movie from their selection. The only draw back here is that these tend to book up. Be sure to plan ahead and reserve well in advance.


Some boys (and some girls) can’t get enough of sports. Have a basketball and a football handy along with some great prizes and party favors.

Board Games And Video Games

Fun games are another way to keep kids entertained. Whether your teens like classics like Monopoly or role play games like Dungeons and Dragons, these types of games are always a hit. Alternatively, video games can be fun for small groups of teens.

Pool Party

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, this could be a great time to make use of it. Hanging out by the pool and playing some pool games, me be just the kind of fun your teen had in mind. Be sure to review safety protocols to their groaning guests before you turn them loose!

Fire Circle

If you have a fire pit, a fire circle can be fun for teens (after a quick review of safety rules). They can tell spooky stories, sing songs, play music, roast hot dogs and smores.

Capture The Flag

This is one of the popular teen party games from my youth. It is great to play at night when there is a big open field to run around in. Give everyone some glow sticks so they can see and be seen. The best part about this great option is it is free but lots of active fun. Here’s how to play. Flashlight tag is another similar option that gets the kids out running around.

Scavenger Hunt

Design your own scavenger hunt around sites, attractions, and activities in your area. If there are enough kids participating, they can split up into teams to see who finds all the clues first.

Birthday Activities for Teens


Teen birthday parties don’t have to be complicated to plan. Think about some of the activities your teen enjoys doing and figure out a way to incorporate that into a party with some friends. Have some of their favorite songs lined up if you have the party at your house. Your teen’s birthday is sure to be special if you involve them and let them guide your choices.

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