Mom Says Goodbye to Senior With Help of Iconic Toy Story Characters


My son was a senior in high school when Toy Story 3 premiered. He was a huge, life-long Toy Story fan and we owned every single stuffed Woody and Buzz. The timing could not have been more serendipitous – just as Toy Story’s Andy was leaving for college, so too was mine. We moms of the senior class encouraged each other to see the movie with a warning to bring tissues.

Everyone saying goodbye to the graduate. (via Liana Weitz)

In the movie’s most iconic scene Andy leaves for college and in an attempt to rid himself of the trappings of childhood, he gives his toys to a girl named Bonnie. The toys line up to say goodbye with heavy-hearts as Andy walks into the proverbial sunset. 

Over the years, we’ve seen that poignant scene staged by moms saying goodbye to their graduating seniors, but no one did it better than Liana Weitz in the Grown and Flown Parents Facebook group. 

Liana says…

A little backstory: when my daughter was 2 years old, we watched Toy Story over and over and over again. But only the first 20 minutes. (Toddler attention span). Trust me, my husband and I could recite it line by line to this day. 

She didn’t know what I was setting up behind her when taking the pictures. She came home from work and I had her put on her graduation dress and handed her her cap and gown. I borrowed toys from posting on a local neighborhood Facebook page. I might have a few in the attic, but a local mom had all of the characters.

She is a sweet, sentimental sap, just like me – so I knew this would get her as well. When I showed her what I was doing and had her turn around- this was her reaction.

Girl reacting to Toy Story characters
Girl hugging Toy Story characters

Responses to the post were unanimous. Everyone loved it, many calling it awesome, priceless or perfect. Some shared that they were drying their tears or that the post left them emotionally tapped out for the day.

Liana thanks everyone for sharing this extremely relatable moment with her senior. And to all our graduating seniors, we say, ”To infinity and beyond.”

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