Planned Parenthood Profits from Death, Misery and Misfortune


Would it surprise you that the same organization often credited with being the largest provider of sexual education in the United States is also the same group that performed the most abortions? 

Planned Parenthood trades in lies and propaganda each and every day, including the falsehood that promoting so-called “safe-sex” is ultimately effective. It’s not. 

As we await the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and the possibility of Roe’s fall, I’ve been thinking lately about this type of duplicitous behavior. Planned Parenthood not only promotes harmful things – they also ultimately profit from them.   

Founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, this awful organization performs well over 300,000 abortions each year and receives over a half a billion in taxpayer dollars. They try to downplay the abortions and play up education and other services. In fact, they regularly brag about reaching over a million students per year with their misleading sex ed curriculum – teaching that not only encourages promiscuity but also exponentially increases a person’s risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases.  

Planned Parenthood’s propaganda is a feeder for future abortions. Put another way, the organization profits from its bad teaching – at the expense of innocent pre-born life and the happiness of women and men consumed by their lies. Kids are lulled into thinking sex outside marriage is acceptable, inevitable and carefree. They then wind up getting pregnant – and going to Planned Parenthood to “solve” the “problem.”  

Nightingale-Bamford, an elite private school for girls in Manhattan, recently came under fire for bringing in the infamous abortion provider as part of a “Health and Wellness Day.” The institution, which charges $56,000 a year tuition, says they’re committed to providing an educational environment that will encourage its student to “take control of their physical, emotional and social selves.” 

Ironically, Planned Parenthood’s training and involvement leads to the exact opposite. If a teenage woman wants to truly take control of her life, she should abstain from sex and reject the organization’s heartbreaking propaganda. 

In a recent essay in The New York Times, former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards lamented the likelihood of life winning in June. In her usual misleading fashion, she wrote, “The Roe decision not only made abortion in the United States extremely safe, it led to higher earnings, increased education levels and greater participation in the work force for generations of women, particularly black women.” 

First, abortion is never safe because it always results in the death of a human being. Second, at the same time Ms. Richard celebrates abortion as a panacea for black women, she completely ignores the fact that black babies are disproportionately killed each year. While 12% of the population is black, 38% of all abortions involve black women and children. Leave it to Planned Parenthood to claim a victory where there is a clear, gruesome and convincing defeat.  

Profiting from death, misery and misfortune is an age-old problem but one that has become part and parcel of Planned Parenthood’s ongoing business model.  As Christians, we must keep our eyes open and aware, especially when organizations like America’s largest abortion provider claims one thing and does the other.  



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