Tenali Rama Story: Handful Of Grain And One Thousand Gold Coins

Tenali Rama Story Handful Of Grain And One Thousand Gold Coins

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There at the time lived a attractive girl referred to as Vidyullatha in the town of Vijayanagara. She was recognised for her intelligence and expertise in poetry and prose. She was also perfectly-versed in dance and audio. In spite of her attractiveness and inventive abilities, she was not regarded very. This was largely owing to her satisfaction and vanity.

A single working day, she set up an announcement on her compound wall. It examine, &#x201CWhoever defeats me in a struggle of humor, wit, and scholarship will be rewarded with a person thousand gold cash.&#x201D

The problem harm the moi of the students in the location. Pretty much all the students in the town took section in the contest but unsuccessful in defeating her.

A single working day, a firewood seller stood in entrance of Vidyullatha&#x2019s home and commenced shouting, &#x201CFirewood&#x2026fantastic firewood&#x2026finest firewood in the town&#x2026&#x201D

Not able to bear the voice of the firewood seller any more, Vidyullatha arrived out of the home and claimed, &#x201CHow a lot are you prepared to provide the load for?&#x201D&#xA0

The seller replied, &#x201CMadam, I will not provide this load for cash. But I will give it to you in trade for a handful of grain.&#x201D Hearing this, Vidyullatha confident him that she would give him much more than what he requested for and requested him to dump the load in the yard.

To this, the seller replied, &#x201CMadam, there is no cut price in this offer. I will give you this firewood for a handful of grain and practically nothing much more or much less. A handful of grain, I repeat.&#x201D

This irked Vidyullatha, and she claimed, &#x201CAll proper! I will only give you what you have requested for now, unload the load and accumulate your grain.&#x201D&#xA0

Vidyullatha arrived out with a handful of grains and requested the seller to acquire it. The seller refused to acquire it and claimed, &#x201CMadam, I manufactured it pretty distinct that there is no cut price for this offer, I claimed a handful of grain, not much less, not much more. If you are unable to pay out the price tag, then give me a person thousand gold cash and take away the invitation from your compound wall.&#x201D&#xA0

Now Vidyullatha dropped her interesting and shouted, &#x201CWhat is erroneous with you? What nonsense are you chatting?&#x201D&#xA0

The seller lower her in among and claimed, &#x201CI am not chatting any nonsense. I have informed you the price tag beforehand, and you agreed to pay out. Now, if you are unable to pay out me my owing, you ought to give me a person thousand gold cash.&#x201D

&#xA0Now, both equally Vidyullatha and the seller commenced to shout and argue. Vidyullatha resolved to strategy the provisional courtroom for justice.

At the courtroom, Vidyullatha offered her argument in entrance of the decide, expressing, &#x201CMy lord, I agreed to pay out this firewood seller the price tag he quoted for the firewood. Now, he is demanding a person thousand gold cash. I need to have justice.&#x201D&#xA0

The decide turned to the seller and requested for an clarification. The seller claimed, &#x201CMy lord, I informed her plainly that the price tag for my firewood is a handful of grain.&#x201D&#xA0

The seller ongoing innocently, &#x201CI manufactured it distinct that I required a handful of grain, which usually means a grain that matches into a hand. She misunderstood it for a handful of grains.&#x201D&#xA0

Vidyullatha was speechless as she recognized her miscalculation. The judgment was handed in favor of the seller. Just then, the seller taken out his turban, and every person was amazed to see Tenali Rama.

Ethical of the tale&#xA0

Do not be arrogant about your abilities.

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