The Best AC Units That Aren’t Complete Eyesores

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Having an air conditioning unit can make or break your summer comfort — but these bulky appliances can lack curb appeal and may not be doing your home decor any favors. Though arguably a summer necessity, traditional window AC units can be heavy, loud and just plain ugly (not to mention highly unpleasant to get in and out of your windows). And while we know that looks aren’t everything, it doesn’t hurt to have a gadget that can keep your home cool and look great while doing it.

Luckily, many brands now offer aesthetically pleasing window AC units that don’t sound like airplane engines, and come equipped with cool (!) features like energy-saving technology and compatibility with smart home assistants. And clearly someone heard our complaints about the pain of installation — many models promise quick, fuss-free setups and come packaged with all the extras you need to get the unit up and running in your window.

Whether you opt for the TikTok-famous Windmill air conditioner or the design-friendly July model that’s available in a host of trendy colors, you can chill without sacrificing aesthetics this summer.

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Windmill air conditioner
You don’t need to be a professional electrician to install this sleek AC unit, which I’ve seen all over TikTok. Inside the box, you’ll find a pre-assembled installation kit that has everything you need to get your unit set up, including an easy-to-follow guide. In addition to being ultra-quiet and having a modern, auto-dimming LED display, this AC unit is also Wi-Fi- and app-enabled so you can control it from wherever you are.

Promising review: “Easy to install, sleek design, quiet and super powerful. Next best thing to central air. The app allows you to view the room temperature and manage AC settings from anywhere. Worth every penny.” — Kayla

Midea air conditioner
Another “as seen on TikTok” find is this smart AC unit that is not only Wi-Fi- and app- enabled, but also takes voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a strong airflow that allows you to feel the cold air up to 20 feet away. Its U-shaped design uses your window to block out noise from the street, meaning it won’t drown out your Zoom calls. And the installation is quick and easy. Simply install the included quick-snap bracket, set the unit on the bracket, secure the sidearm and it’s ready to be used.

Promising review:
“This was a life changer! We bought this one year ago and I have been operating this with Alexa! Ultra-quiet and keeps the bedroom cool or as we want it. Looks elegant and not like regular window ACs.” — AB
LG smart air conditioner
This smart dual inverter AC operates at a noise level as low as 44 decibels (which is similar to the sound of bird calls). You can control it from anywhere as it works with LG ThinQ technology, Alexa and Google Assistant. Its sleek design easily blends in with its surroundings so it won’t be a visual distraction like some bulky AC units. And if you’re concerned about its energy consumption, it provides up to 15% more efficiency than the minimum Energy Star certification. The 10,000 BTU version is best for medium size rooms while the 14,000 BTU version is ideal for larger rooms.

Promising review:
“I’m one of those people who doesn’t write reviews but I wanted to let people know I’m having such an amazing experience with this AC. It is super quiet and blows ice cold air. Cooled down my quite large living room in about 15 minutes. Absolutely obsessed with it 🙂 I’m 43 female and put it up by myself. It’s a bit heavy but for the size that is to be expected. Looks beautiful too, as far as ACs go.” — Cam
Tosot air conditioner
Remember how we talked about decibels before? Well, this one has a max sound level of 42 decibels, which can be compared to the ambience of a library. The 8,000 BTU version of this AC unit is best for small spaces like bedrooms, studios, living rooms and dorms. The design of its slanted air vents also allows cool air to be blown up to 20 feet away. The brand promises it will only take 15 minutes to complete the installation for this minimal unit — the box comes with everything you need to set it up, including foam, side panels and a simple instruction guide.

Promising review:

“We needed a very quiet air conditioner for our bedroom/nursery. This unit is perfect for our needs – it cools the room quickly, is easy to use, and is whisper-quiet, as advertised. I like the ‘I feel’ function on the remote because it senses the temperature where you’re actually sitting and cools based on that rather than the temp. in front of the unit itself.” — Simone Asarlaín

July air condiitoner
What do you get when you combine a shockingly easy installation process, the ability to purify air (for an additional fee) and multiple color options? The July air conditioner has a host of bells and whistles that make it beautifully easy to use. In addition to the amazing features of this AC unit that doubles as home decor, it’s also app-enabled so you can program it from wherever you are, and can be used with Alexa and Google Home. It comes in small (6,000 BTU) and medium (8,000 BTU) and in several matte colors: green, sky blue, rose and white. (Note that if you you buy through Wayfair, only the white option is available.)

Promising review: “July is amazing! I found it super easy to install, even though I’ve had trouble with installing A/Cs in the past. My favorite part is the app: I have pets at home, so I can turn on for a short time while I’m at work, without having to run it the whole day. Game changer!” — Beatrice C.


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