The Senate & America Reject Abortion on Demand


The Senate’s rejection of the dubiously titled, “Women’s Health Protection Act” – legislation intended to enshrine abortion on-demand into law regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on Dobbs – was much closer than it should have been, but still a promising denunciation of a radical anti-woman and anti-life point-of-view.

Tuesday’s procedural vote would have required 60 votes to advance in the Senate. It received just 46 votes – all Democrats. Senator Joe Manchin (WV) was the lone Democrat who opposed the bill. 

Senators Feinstein (D), Inhofe (R), Kennedy (R), Lujan (D), Paul (R) and Warnock (D) did not vote.

While this bill had no chance of passing, it was nevertheless a nod and attempt to appease the radical abortion lobby – many of whom are beginning to panic in the face of an increasingly pro-life electorate, along with a Supreme Court that appears inclined to allow state restrictions on abortion.

It’s telling when you have to use misleading terminology to try and soft sell a dark reality. Yesterday’s rejected legislation really had nothing to do with protecting women’s health. Do activists not realize at least of all babies aborted are female? In fact, this bill had everything to do with codifying the destruction of innocent children’s health. It’s that simple and straightforward.

After decades and decades, momentum is finally moving in the direction of life. The Left is in a defenseless position. Just look at an ultrasound. Listen to a heartbeat of a pre-born child. Count the fingers and toes. 

Our work in the pro-life community continues. Even when the Supreme Court acknowledges a state’s right to restrict abortion, those of us committed to both mother and child will continue to work on their behalf well beyond birth.

The radical abortion lobby in the Senate pushed this bill forward in order to make a point – and that’s exactly what they did. They made it clear to the American people that pre-born children have few fans or friends in their party. Despite what some in Washington may believe, our children deserve to be defended and we will never tire or stop in our efforts to protect them.



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