TIPS | Emergency Planning for Family

I realized I had done very little to prep my family for big disasters, so we took a day to get ready. I hope this inspires you to do the same! Subscribe to WUM for new vids M-W-F!

Emergency Kit for 2 people:
Emergency Kits for 4 people:
Emergency Kit immediately available:

1. Emergency Kit: You can purchase or make your own. Ideally you need 3 days of food and water; first aid kit; flashlight; crank radio. If you have an infant, pack extra formula, a bottle, extra diapers. Make sure you can easily get to it for example your garage or even outside in a safe place.
2. Talk to Your Kids: Talk to your kids about the plan. Explain to them what they may expect in a disaster or emergency and what they should do to stay safe (ie drop to the floor and cover your head).
3. Meeting Spots: Determine a meeting spot that’s outside the house to reconvence. Also, determine a meeting spot that’s outside your immediate neighborhood.
4. Misc. Checklist: Share all of these plans with your nanny or caregiver. Scan all your important documents. Make any other preparations for a disaster (ie bolt furniture to wall to prepare for an earthquake).

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