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My daughter’s attention span lasts about five minutes. I’ll come up with an amazing game or see some cool craft to do on Pinterest and after few minutes in, my fun activity isn’t fun because she wants to run around and not do the craft I spent an hour setting up, and I’m trying to force her to do it.

Just like most toddler moms, going to the store can be pretty hit or miss for the same reasons. Sometimes we go and she is an angel helping with the shopping list or keeping her hands to herself. Other times it’s a hot mess. She’s running, hiding, dancing, throwing product, taking bites out of avocados, and I end up leaving without being able to buy anything. Has anyone else had to just leave a store because shopping with their toddler was impossible?

I was at The Baby Cubby brick and mortar store the other day, excited and ready to buy things for my baby girl due in March. I was sending good vibes out to the universe that this shopping extravaganza would go well and I wouldn’t be banned from the store because my toddler had knocked over all the shelves. 

Little did I know that there was a miracle toy right up front called a Toniebox. 

I am not exaggerating–my little girl stood and played with that toy for the entirety of our shopping event (because let’s be honest anytime you shop with kids it’s a full-on event). I was able to do everything I needed to get done.

Toniebox is made for active imaginations. It is a speaker that tells hundreds of stories and songs when a “Tonie” (a small character figurine) is placed on top. The characters are favorite book characters, tv and movie characters, and Tonie’s very own characters. There are also Creative Tonies where you can record up to 90 minutes of your own content. This could be a good night routine, sharing family memories, singing songs, or reading books. (How special would that be from a parent who has to travel a lot? Or a parent going overseas? Tonies offers a military discount, I’m sure with this in mind.)

Tonies Toniebox - The Baby Cubby

My daughter’s favorite was “Lightning Kachow” aka Lightning McQueen, and she listened to him over and over again in the store.

Tonies Tonie - Cars - The Baby Cubby

I can only imagine the things I could get done in my home with a Tonie, or even on the go, because you only need wifi for the initial set up. Not only that, but they’re super cool and entertaining for me too! Do I need a Tonie? I think I need a Tonie. 

What a lot of parents especially love about a Tonie Box is it provides just as much entertainment as screen time but without the screen. Tonies challenge your children to imagine the story taking place in their minds. This is important because many readers have difficulty picturing what they’re reading in their heads. When I have asked any high school class I teach how many of them picture what they’re reading in their heads only about half raise their hands. Being able to imagine the narrative you are reading is essential for fully grasping the story and meaning, which is why it is essential for good readers to do it. Tonies trains pre-readers and beginning readers to do just that. It sparks a love of storytelling at even young toddler ages.

So if you are in the market for an engaging, educational, and seriously cute new toy for your toddler check out Tonies at



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