Watch Dwayne Johnson Play ‘Face Smash’ With His 6-Year-Old Daughter


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DJ

Dwayne Johnson ended up with a face full of peanut butter after his “little tornado” wanted to play her favorite game, “Daddy Close Your Eyes”

Few things are as adorable as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his family, who seem to have a blast no matter what they’re up to… no d0ubt in large part due to Johnson being such a fun dad to his three daughters. Case in point: the actor shared a hilarious video of his six-year-old daughter, Jasmine, playing her “favorite game,” called “Daddy Close Your Eyes,” and he’s fully unfazed even as he gets a face full of peanut butter on her behalf.

In the clip, Jasmine can be seen giggling as she holds up an enormous sheet of aluminum foil covered in peanut butter. Johnson is sitting in front of her with his eyes closed, laughing nervously. “I trust you. Jazzy. I hear a lot of foil,” he says as she taste tests some of the peanut butter herself.

She then covers his face with the foil, giving him a full-on peanut butter bath as she bursts out into uncontrollable laughter. Johnson removed the foil in disbelief, but seemed to take the messiness of his “little tornado” having a laugh at his expense all in stride.

“You’d think after all this time, I’d learn my lesson of playing my little tornado’s favorite game, ‘Daddy Close Your Eyes’ 👁🙈💀😈🤣,” he began his caption. “What a fool I am 😉🙋🏽‍♂️.” He also opened up about cherishing these little moments while he has them, since one day in the future, “smashing the sh*t outta daddy’s face with peanut butter is the last thing they’ll want to do.” He wrote, “one day they’ll be grown & gone, and smashing the sh*t outta daddy’s face with peanut butter is the last thing they’ll want to do – so while they still love hanging out with daddy ~ bring on the peanut butter!! 😂❤️).”

Johnson is a dad to his 20-year-old daughter, Simone, from his first marriage, as well as Jasmine and four-year-old Tiana from his current marriage to wife Lauren Hashian. It seems his two youngest girls keep him on his toes at all times, even when “Daddy Close Your Eyes” risks injury to his more sensitive parts… LOL.

All jokes aside, it seems Johnson takes his role as girl dad very seriously. In 2021, he told People, “The most important thing that I’ve learned about raising daughters is [to] just be there, how important that is. Having an expanded capacity to listen and be more tender and gentle.”



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