weeLove: A magical must-have for your baby’s room


Nestig Rugs

Washable, Organic, Wonderful

Sunbeams, seashells, pebbles, rainbows, puffs… it doesn’t get any sweeter (and softer!) than a Nestig rug. These machine-washable rugs are the perfect centerpiece for your little one’s nursery. Serene color palettes create a dreamy vibe, adding a bit of magic to the space. (Not all bedtimes will feel quite so enchanting… but a parent can hope!) 

Handmade by artisans in Brazil in a family-run factory, each rug is truly one-of-a-kind. With safety and sustainability in mind, they use non-toxic dyes on super soft, super durable 100% organic cotton. After being loomed, each rug is hand-treated, trimmed, and shipped from Brazil to your door.

Rugs pair well with favorite books, tummy time adventures, and big sibling hangs. 

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