weeLove: Walmart + Tot Squad = Awesome


Your baby registry is about to get even better

Register for Experts & Experiences

We’re all about a registry packed with everything you need to begin your parenting journey with confidence. And products aren’t the only thing that’ll help along the way. From feeding to sleep support to car seat installation, Tot Squad’s network full of trusted and vetted experts delivers the support new parents need… via your Walmart registry! (Kinda like when you were gifted a honeymoon couples massage, minus the uninterrupted relaxation on a tropical island.)

When registering, choose from over 20 affordable services and experiences. Line up a sleep consultant to get nap schedules sorted out, ASAP. Reach your breastfeeding or formula-feeding goals with advice and strategies from specialists. Ensure your newborn is riding home from the hospital in a properly installed car seat. Services are delivered via video chat or in-person and can be purchased independently from a registry.

The Tot Squad is a great crew to add to your village. So don’t just dream about an expert swooping in to save the day, register for one! 

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