What is the Best Baby Sleep Tracker?


If you’re looking for the best baby sleep tracker on the market, chances are you’re trying to find a gadget that monitors and tracks your baby’s sleep so that you can tap into those insights and data. While there are plenty of good baby sleep trackers out there, look no further than the Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo.

The Dream Sock and Dream Duo serve you personalized insights about your child’s sleep, so that you can learn to better understand your child’s needs. This in turn allows you to take an active role in your child’s sleep management and help build healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime. 

The Dream Sock

The Dream Sock is a revolutionary baby monitor that aims to help parents understand their baby’s sleep, assist their baby in the moment, and build healthy sleep habits from day one

Understand your baby’s sleep

The Dream Sock is a fabric sock that wraps comfortably around Baby’s foot while the sensor tracks Baby’s sleep. The Dream Sock tracks sleep quality indicators, like wakings, heart rate, and movement. All of this data is communicated to the Owlet Dream App—the best baby sleep tracker app—so you can view your baby’s sleep status, sleep history, and sleep quality scores. Additionally, the Dream Sock provides a sleep assessment that will identify what is keeping your infant from sleeping through the night. That way, you’ll know what changes you need to make.

Assist your baby’s sleep in the moment

The Dream Sock will inform you when your baby is asleep, awake, uncomfortable or unable to sleep soundly, so that you can provide hands-on assistance in the moment. You’ll also be offered your choice between 3 safe and proven sleep learning methods so that you can choose the option that best fits your family’s lifestyle.

Learn and build life-long healthy sleep habits

By tapping into insights and data about your child’s sleep, the Dream Sock will create a convenient, customized learning program that’s designed by experts. You can view a daily schedule that adjusts to your child’s actual sleep patterns.

Beyond the custom schedule, there are also a number of resources that aim to provide skills related to sleep, feeding, postpartum adjustment, self-care, parenting support and child development. These tips and skill videos will progress weekly with the age of your newborn.

The Dream Duo

The award-winning Dream Duo combines the power of the Dream Sock with the motion and environment monitoring of the Owlet Cam, plus Owlet’s sleep program. By including both the Dream Sock and the Cam, the Owlet Dream Duo gives you a complete picture of Baby’s sleep. Not only does it teach you what to do, but teaches you when to do it.

With the Dream Duo, you’ll gain access to all of the amazing features listed above. Plus, you’ll be able to utilize the technology of the Owlet Cam to keep an eye on your baby at all times.

Get a complete picture of your baby’s sleep

The Owlet Cam streams 1080p HD video directly to your device and through a secure, private connection. With night vision capabilities, you can view your Baby anytime and anywhere. You can also take advantage of the Cam’s 2-way audio, background audio, and 4x zoom features. You’ll be notified when sound and motion are detected, allowing you to always have your eyes and ears on Baby.


The best baby sleep tracker is one that makes you feel confident that your baby is constantly being monitored. Not only that, but you want to be able to rely on the technology to give you detailed insights about your baby’s sleep. The Owlet Dream Sock and Dream Duo gives you all of that and more. Owlet’s award-winning technology will provide valuable insights that will not only provide a complete picture about your baby, but also give you peace of mind about the parenting journey.


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