What Makes the Dream Sock Different?


Owlet’s Dream Sock is the only monitor that not only connects you to your baby while they’re sleeping, giving you peace of mind, but it also helps to improve your baby’s sleep. With guidance from Dream Sock, you can support your baby’s sleep development and learning by tracking their sleep, giving you a holistic view on their sleep quality, and providing insights to their personalized sleep development. 

In the first year, your baby will grow and change rapidly but they can’t do it without sleep! During sleep, your baby’s body produces growth hormones and teething hormones necessary to grow more than triple their weight at birth. Sleep is the time their brain files away what it learned that day to support new upcoming milestones; it’s when most of their brain development happens. 

Your baby will spend 75% or more of their time sleeping at birth and 50% of that sleep will be in active (REM) sleep, compared to an adult’s 20% of sleep being active. Active sleep is when their body gets to work on growth and development. Using Dream Sock, you will be able to watch your baby’s sleep develop through the newborn period and into toddlerhood. You will be able to watch the shift in 50% active sleep and down to 20% by the age of 1 year old.

Dream Sock gives you the insights you need to support the perfect amount of sleep for your baby at their developmental stage, but also support the best possible sleep quality. Poor sleep, no matter how much of it, can hinder your baby’s growth and development and make the overall more fussy. With the Dream Sock Sleep Assist Prompts, you’ll receive notifications to check on your baby when necessary but also be able to make adjustments to their sleep environment to support longer stretches of sleep and better quality sleep. After all, a well rested baby is a baby that will rest well. 


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