When Fashion Meets Function — The Baby Cubby


When Rachel Nilsson’s husband was still in his graduate school money was tight, so she turned to Instagram to try and sell her kids’ clothing that they didn’t need anymore. She noticed that the clothing that was selling the best were the pieces she had sewn herself.

This gave her an idea to create a romper–a one-piece item with a stretchy neck to be pulled off and on, and no zippers or snaps for babies and toddlers. She started out by making the very first “rag” from one of her husband’s old tee shirts, and after that Rags to Raches (later renamed RAGS) was born.

With sales growing and the styles being manufactured in Los Angeles, Rachel took her company on to the popular show “Shark Tank” with the hopes of helping fund inventory costs. She did walk away with a deal from a shark, but later the deal did not go through. She didn’t feel like any of the deals were right for her.  After her appearance, though, her sales skyrocketed with hard work, consistency on her social media platforms, and a few publications she created an oh-so-popular kids clothing line that now includes tee shirts, dresses, and accessories.


It was easy for me to feel such a pull to Rachel who is a female powerhouse and a mother! Her talent, creativity, and hard work are truly inspiring. I have loved putting all three of my kids in RAGS. The quality of the pieces has held up so well that it has been so special to pass them down. 

RAGS are adorable, with plenty of cute prints and classic colors, but they are also super functional. They are comfy, they are convenient, and they are made of quality materials that last! Check out our entire line of RAGS online at babycubby.com! 




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