Why Family Traditions Are Important


Family traditions play an important part in most families and not just for the holidays. You don’t need special occasions to create a family rituals; they can be a reassuring part of everyday life. Traditions are about teaching shared values, providing stability, and creating fond memories that bond the whole family.

The Importance Of Family Traditions

Creating and sharing traditions with your children will help to teach them that there can be an order to how things are done and that every family member has an important role to play, both within the tradition and within the family. Family habits help children feel a sense of stability, consistency and security. Our favorite family traditions contribute to our sense of identity.

Traditions Strengthen and Bond the Family

Traditions help to bring the family unit closer together as they share in a ritual. People tend to experience a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves when they’re part of a family tradition. This strengthens family bonds with shared memories. Old traditions are even more important to instill in young children because it’s a way of reminding them that they’re part of something bigger than themselves. They have a family, a place they are accepted, a place they belong.

Traditions Create Stability

Regardless of all the other things that are happening in your life, family members can look forward to spending time together and sharing the traditions they’ve enjoyed for years. Over the years, we start to trust that, regardless of what life brings, some things never change. In this way, family traditions are reassuring. They can make us feel good just thinking about them. When life gets stressful, thinking about the spending time with family and the traditions we’ll enjoy together helps to bring a sense of calm and peacefulness.

family traditions

Traditions Create a Family Identity

The things you enjoy together as an immediate family help to create your family’s identity. They determine what you believe in, as a family. It not only creates a bond in the moment that you’re experiencing it, it also helps children identify with their family in the long-term. And, over the years, those children grow up. Then they start sharing those same traditions with their own children. It is a great way to share family values and reinforce them through your group actions.

Traditions Connect Us to the Past

Over the years of enjoying family customs through generation after generation and sharing memories with each other, we start to build a bridge from the past to the present. Family recipes are passed down through the generations. A favorite story that parents share with their children becomes a part of the family’s history. A vacation spot you’ve enjoyed with your family for many years creates special times and happy memories that involve older family members. Something special that’s been passed down to younger generations like fine China or a wedding dress become family heirlooms. These are all meaningful family traditions that bond us through the generations to something that is bigger than ourselves.

Family Traditions Examples

Below are just a few examples of traditions to inspire you. Family rituals can range from silly, fun habits to daily foundational moments, to a weekly family meal. Moreover, small moments and big days all have their place in the fabric of our lives.

  • Worshipping A Greater Power Together
  • Family Walks
  • Board Game Night
  • Family Dinner
  • Family Vacation
  • Holiday Traditions (whether singing Christmas carols or making Valentine’s Day cards)
  • Family Reunions
  • Family Bike Ride
  • Service Day (a soup kitchen is a great place to volunteer as a family)
  • Secret Handshakes
  • Performing Arts Night (sing together, play instruments together, act out a scene from a play)
  • Ice Cream Outing
  • Bedtime Story
  • Weekly Family Meeting
  • Tailgating at Football Games
  • Family Arts And Craft Time
  • Cooking Traditional Dishes Together (sharing of cultural heritage)
  • Weekend Breakfasts
  • Berry Picking
Family Tradition Examples


Creating a family tradition doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. It just needs to be something meaningful you can enjoy together as a family. Bake Grandma’s famous lemon pie or tell the story about how a piece of furniture found its way to your home after belonging to other relatives. Creating your own fun traditions can be as simple as starting a Friday Night Pizza Night or family movie nights. It can also be a monthly tradition of going to a special place or enjoying a special activity. In conclusion, there are so many traditions you can share or create within your family. The only hard part will be choosing one! Will you establish a new tradition within your family?

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