Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: February 11-13


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Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: February 11-13

Get ready for Valentine’s Day Weekend in New YorkCity! Visit The Museum of Ice Cream for a special holiday offer, Bring the kids sledding or take part in Black History Month activities.

Looking for more fun activities to do this winter? Check out Things to Do on A Snowy Day in NYC!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 


Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, but you can spend this weekend celebrating it! Whether you are looking for an activity to do outside or a restaurant that you can visit with the kids, there is something every family to do this year to spread some love.

Sing with Carnegie Hall


If you are raising little music lovers, then they will love this at-home sing-along series put on by Carnegie Hall! Starting on February 12, singer-songwriter Emily Eagen will be hosting mini episodes that will encourage kids to get up, move and sing to classic playtime songs. New episodes will air every Saturday and will feature special guest artists from around the world.

Go Sledding

Citywide | Details

Take advantage of all the snow on the ground and spend the day doing a popular winter activity: sledding! Since NYC is filled with so many amazing parks, that means there are even more sledding spots that you can visit with your family or friends.

Take Part in Black History Month Activities

Citywide | Details

Black History Month has officially kicked off and there are so many activities and events that you can take part in. Whether you’re looking for an informational art and crafts class for your kids or just a celebration of the accomplishments and sacrifices of African Americans, there is an event out there for everyone to try this year.

Visit Museum of Ice Cream 

558 Broadway | Details

The Museum of Ice Cream is trying to make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter this year! Throughout the weekend leading up to Valentine’s Day, you will be able to purchase two for one tickets so your and friends can explore the popular museum for cheaper. During your visit, you will be able to enjoy delicious festive treats while also playing some Valentine’s Day Trivia.

Visit The Walt Disney Exhibit at The Met

1000 Fifth Ave. | Details

We have all grown up watching the gorgeous castles and talking clocks and teapots dance around our screens, but have you ever thought about where Walt Disney got his inspiration from? This new exhibition, Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts, gives you a look at many artworks and archived videos that show Disney’s personal fascination with European art and how he decided to incorporate it into some of his most famous films. The exhibit will be open through March 6, 2022 and tickets can be purchased in advance online.

Take The Kids to A Indoor Water Park


We’re all starting to miss summer a little bit and are itching to spend some time in the water. Luckily, there are many indoor water parks located right outside of NYC that will help you have some fun with your family in the midst of winter temperatures.



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