Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: February 4-6


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Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: February 4-6

It’s almost time for another weekend in NYC! Grab special discounted tickets for NYC’s Broadway Week, take the family to an indoor water park, or visit The Battery Playscape.

Looking for more fun activities to do this winter? Check out Things to Do on A Snowy Day in NYC!

Visit an Indoor Play Space

Citywide | Details

Especially during the colder months, your kids need a place where they are able to burn off some extra steam. Indoor kids play spaces are the perfect options for kids of all ages. All of these secure play areas for children give them the opportunity to play fun games, stimulating activities, get rid of some energy and make some new friends!

Go Snow Tubing 


We have had a decent amount of snow so far this winter, which means it is no better time to get outside and take part in a fun winter activity. Snow tubing is a great winter pastime that is the perfect activity that the whole family will love. Make sure you bundle up and head to any of these lodges or resorts to make some new memories.

Visit The Battery Playscape

Battery Park | Details

The Battery Playscape opened to the public on December 16,2021 and is now the newest and most popular site to visit! Not only is it a fun playscape that your kids can spend hours on, but it was made with an innovative contemporary design to raise awareness to the environment. The Playscape has five ecology zones that kids can play in, as well as an improv/puppet theater.

Take a Trip to a Winter Lodge or Resort

Near NYC | Details

Booking a stay at a Winter Lodge or resort is the perfect option for a vacation this season! There are many different places outside of NYC that offer fun and exciting activities that are perfect for the whole family. Whether you want to spend a weekend skiing or tubing or would like to just sit in the pool or get a much needed spa day, these resorts have all of that and more!

Take The Kids to A Indoor Water Park


We’re all starting to miss summer a little bit and are itching to spend some time in the water. Luckily, there are many indoor water parks located right outside of NYC that will help you have some fun with your family in the midst of winter temperatures.

NYC Broadway Week


Broadway is continuing its major comeback after Covid-19 and now you and the family can experience some of the most popular shows during NYC’s Broadway Week! From now until February 13th, families can get a special 2-for-1 ticket signature deal so you can experience one of your favorite shows, or one that you haven’t had the chance to see before, for a cheaper price!

Visit The Walt Disney Exhibit at The Met

1000 Fifth Ave. | Details

We have all grown up watching the gorgeous castles and talking clocks and teapots dance around our screens, but have you ever thought about where Walt Disney got his inspiration from? This new exhibition, Inspiring Walt Disney: The Animation of French Decorative Arts, gives you a look at many artworks and archived videos that show Disney’s personal fascination with European art and how he decided to incorporate it into some of his most famous films. The exhibit will be open through March 6, 2022 and tickets can be purchased in advance online.



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